Lost In Love

She was living a single life content with herself and the progress she was making until a long time crush who liked her came back into her life. She decided to give love another chance. Going into the friendship she was quite impressed with this guy and she even started wondering, Is this real!?

In the phases of getting to know each other and getting comfortable she started to see some signs that well she wasn't quite impressed with but any she ignored it until things started showing up in her face more and more but again she kept ignoring it that she could help him to change for the better. Each time he did things she would either look beyond it or forgive him like nothing happened.

She started to see traits in him her mom always told her never to accept in a man but like I keep saying she kept ignoring them. So one day her mom sat her down and talked to her that she is realizing that shes ignoring the signs!! She admitted that she thought things would change for the better with a little nudge encouragement and help. She realized the harsh truth that it maybe time to start slowly pulling away, because when she needed him most he was nowhere to be found and he never apologized and there are times when he would just push her aside and then pick her back up like nothing happened but because she loved him so much she kept ignoring all these things.

Now loves I wrote this little story to let you guys know that never let anybody make you feel used and abused. Because once you know what you deserve and that you deserve to be treated like the queen you are you should not accept any less from someone if you are going o accept you should be accepting more!! When someone loves you they should be able to go to the extra mile for you and show you that they love you instead of just using words because words without actions is dead.




  1. [ Smiles ] There is an important message behind this story of yours; I do hope that all your subscribers read it.

    Do have yourself a fabulous day!

  2. You are so wright. Everyone should know their worth and should not accept anything less .

    Nina's Style Blog

  3. Amazing post!

    Happy New Year, dear!

  4. Wow, do you know my life? Lol but seriously, I think as women we have been conditioned to wait things out and make it our jobs to help people change. I agree that we should not accept less than we deserve! Really good post!

  5. This hit deep and is so real! Especially loved: "if you are going to accept you should be accepting more!!"

    1. thank you, glad you liked it

  6. This is so true! It's so important to know your worth!

  7. Loved it! I can resonate totally. I am gonna dive into your whole series <3



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