Top 2 Best Free Movie And Tv Show Sites 2017

Hey loves, sometimes you may want to watch movies or your fav tv shows but you don't have Netflix to watch it on I have two of my fave sites that you can watch them on.

This one is my all time fave to use, you can find any and every tv show or movie that you want to watch on here. It's basically an app you download on your device and you use it to watch your movies or shows, the shows load and you can watch them while its downloading for you to watch it its also downloading to your device so you can watch it if you are not in a wifi zone. It streams great especially if you have great internet speed. To me I honestly find it better than Netflix in so ways not every way but someways. When i look up shows every episode and season is there but on Netflix sometimes its a season behind. It is quite safe to use also so you don't have to worry.

This is my next fave site to use also it lets me know when which tv show is being aired and which days so i can prepare or plan to watch it, only con is it has a lot of adds and sometimes a bug or two but once you have your anti virus you are safe.

I mostly use project free tv to see which show is being aired or what new episodes came out and then i use popcorn time to watch them. I recommend both sites if you are  looking for places to watch your movies and shows for free.

I hope you found this post helpful and remember to always



  1. Great post dear, thanks for sharing :)

  2. I am always looking for movie to watch. Thanks for sharing doll.

  3. Hej! Świetny post :)

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