Love Knows No Boundaries

We can't help who we love. Love knows no colour, size or age. Have you ever herd the saying that love is blind!!

Have you ever been in love? You know that feeling in your stomach like you feel so full but at the same time your stomach is empty, but you don't feel to eat because you are filled with so much love and when you see that person your heart skips a beat and you feel flushed!! Have you ever felt that way? It's such a wonderful feeling isn't it!!

You should be able to love who you love not who your parents or friends want you to love because, in the long run, you are the one who will have to live with the decision especially if you marry that person. You are the one who will have to live with it for the rest of your life.

I realize some parents want to choose who you should date because they might want a certain guy for you but at the same time , maybe who they want for you is the opposite of what you need in your life, yes they might want you to have a good life, but will you be happy with that life. You are to build a life with the one you love, you work together and accomplish goals together. Sometimes some people gets a better route where they meet someone who has a life already and you just need to pool your resources.

I see people saying they wouldn't talk to a certain person, yes we all have a type we are looking for but do we always fall for the one we are looking for, sometimes we do fall for the opposite. There is nothing wrong with looking for a certain type of female or male, yes that's your preference but at the same time you need to have an open mind to other possibilities. Because sometimes what you seek is not what you find.

When you love someone you would do anything for them and do anything to make that person happy an feel loved and you would want the same in return. Love is a two way street not a one way street.

You can't have one person putting out 100% and the other party putting out 50%. Its fifty fifty thing, you should both be putting out equal effort and time for each other.

Whether it is you love someone from a different race or they maybe older than you are or even younger it is still love!!

You can't help who you love but at the same time make sure you are making the right decision.



  1. Yes we can't help who we fall for indeed and yes to fifty fifty when in a relationship. Great post, Kerona. Keep em coming.

  2. After being married for 12 years, I would say that you are 100% right. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us, dear. Great post!

  3. Truly we can't enable who we to succumb to for sure and yes to fifty when in a relationship. Incredible post, Kerona. Keep them coming.

  4. This is so true!at the end of the day it's ones happiness that matters!Thanks for following my blog let's continue the support



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