Don't Let The Past Hold You Back

Why do we always let the past affect us so badly!! Why do we always sink our sorrows and fears in the past? Why do you let your past keep you from reaching your full potential.

Leave the past in the past no matter what your past looks like you can restart rewriting your book for a better future starting today!! The past is in the past for a reason whether it be failed relationships friendships, careers, they are behind you for a reason, sometimes things happen and you may question God but he has plans for you, now you need to take the hint and start paving your future.

Don't let the past hold you back from pursuing your dreams of getting your degree, masters or doctorate.

Don't let the past hold you back from love because the one you might be pushing away just maybe the one that you have been looking for all your life so don't mess up the chance give it a shot and if it fails try again, don't close your heart from love no matter how many times you get hurt because those lessons are molding you for the right person.

Don't let the past stop you from going after that dream job because others told you that you can't do it and that you will never land that job, instead prove them wrong!!

Don't let the past hinder you from trying new things and hobbies, not because you failed at other hobbies doesn't mean you cant try a new one.

Don't let the past hold you back because you may have a record, dont let that stop you instead work on becoming a better person!!

Don't let anything at all stop you and don't let it hold you back push forward and even through the sweat and tears keep moving because you never know who you will motivate and who is admiring you for not holding back.



  1. Great post dear, so educative and really inspirative!
    Like it a lot!
    Interesting theme!

    Visit me, and follow. See you soon. Maleficent

  2. I love the work you do on your blog, I hope to see you on my blog very soon!!

  3. I love this post... so inspiring!
    Kisses, Paola.

  4. Your positive messages are top! Always helping!
    Have a nice weekend! xx
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  5. I could not have said it better. Thanks for sharing!



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