Timeless Skincare: Serums vs Creams

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Serums vs. Creams; The Real Difference

There are many people out there who use creams and serums, but don’t truly identify a difference except for they are two different types of products. There are some people who exclusively use serums and others who exclusively use creams. They may like the texture of one over the other. Or, they may use a combination of both depending on the product. The truth is both are used to hydrate the skin, moisturize, and even perhaps fight against the appearance of aging; however, there is a real difference between serums and creams. So, what do you have in serums vs. creams?

Differences and Similarities

There is a difference in the physical make up of creams and serums. This may seem obvious, but there is a different chemical makeup that creates the differences. Serums do not use petrolatum and are water-based which allows for absorption to happen quicker versus a cream. Serums are commonly known to be lighter than creams, and absorb faster into the skin.

This is an obvious reason as to why some may prefer serum over cream. However, creams tend to work better for people who suffer from dry skin, as the additional oils and thickening agents will help to moisturize the skin while also getting the specific benefit of that particular cream. At the end of the day, the determination on which is better for you can be based on your skin type.

Timeless Skin Care has created a vitamin C serum because vitamin C is essential to the healthiness and vitality of the skin. Being able to add additional beneficial ingredients like ferulic acid and hyaluronic acid is which makes their serum better than others on the market.  

It doesn’t matter whether you decide to get a cream or a serum. Timeless Skin Care makes all of their creams and serums light, non-greasy, and fast drying and absorbing, and those are similarities anyone can fall in love with.

I hope you all enjoyed the post, Have you tried timeless skin care before? Did you like it?



  1. Wow, great post, dear!
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  2. I typically tend to stick to creams - but might try my hand at some serums and see how that goes!


    1. me too i tried a diy vitamin c serum i liked it but didnt love it

  3. Wow, these products are so rich and all nutrients our skin needs! This is the first time I hear about this brand but I will keep an eye for it!
    Wish you a beautiful weekend!
    Flo from

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  6. Wow, they look like great products (:

    CM | XIII.

  7. Haven't really tried any serum products but I think I might prefer it to cream.

    Bernie, xx
    The Style Fanatic

    1. i prefer cream too i feel like i get more moisture

  8. Such an interesting post dear!!


  9. I personally love serums because they are lighter. Great post!



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