Why Relationships Fail!?!

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Relationships fail because you don't work on it, you start the relationship so well you do everything that's required of you and then as time goes by everything just fades, how do you expect a relationship to last if you don't work on it. To me a relationship is like a house you have to keep up the maintenance of the house in order for it to keep being livable and not cave in on you. That's exactly how relationships are, you need to keep working on it each and everyday for it to keep going.

Relationships fail because of lack of communication, If you don't communicate with each other, how do you expect to understand each other and compromise with each other. How will you know what each person is thinking, their likes and their dislikes if you don't communicate. How will things ever move forward instead of backward if you don't communicate. Without communication the relationship is nothing it's just too people sitting wasting their time being in a relationship that's going nowhere.

Relationships fail because of lies and cheating, If your going into a relationship to cheat on the other person and constantly lie to them it makes no sense you enter a relationship. If you don't know what the word faithful means then don't go into a relationship, because lies and cheating is one of the main things why relationships fail. If you can't trust the person your dating or married to what's the sense of being with that person. If your just being with that person to prove a point or just for show that you have someone then you need a reality check!! Being in a relationship takes commitment being honest and being faithful and if you can't do that then don't go into it.

Speaking of commitment this is another major key, relationships take commitment to make it work and last. It will sometimes take every energy you have in your body because being in a relationship takes work, its like you are in school because each day you learn more and more about that person and also life lessons. Committing to relationship means compromising on your fav snack movie, making time for that person during your busy schedule, making that person a priority in your life and making them feel and know how much you care for them.

You have to be understanding and patient when it comes to relationships because everyone is different no two persons are the same so you can't expect how your last relationship was that this one is gonna be the same because everyone has different personalities. I'm saying this to say that some relationships fail because of expectations, don't always have high expectations when you enter into a relationship, enter it with an open mind, i'm not saying that you can't have expectations but don't set it too high to the point where you will be disappointed how things turned out.

Relationships take both partners putting out equal effort for it to work. One person putting out 100 and the other person barely putting out 50% won't work because one day that person will get fed up and giving their all and not getting the same in return they will eventually just give up trying.

So don't blame one person when a relationship fails because it takes two to tango right, so both parties are to be blamed and sometimes some people are just not compatible and that's understandable but never let your relationship fail because you didn't work on it. And remember what ever is meant to be will be.

Be you Do you and never let anyone compromise your integrity



  1. I think that people stop trying and they prefer to end their relationship instead of fight for it, which is sad. I see old couples being together for 50+ years and I admire this, I wish more people were willing to work on their relationship more! x


  2. ''Relationships take both partners putting out equal effort for it to work. One person putting out 100 and the other person barely putting out 50% won't work because one day that person will get fed up and giving their all and not getting the same in return they will eventually just give up trying.'' That you've written is the highlight of this post, I was just saying this to my friend. When you put 100 and the other person doesn't reciprocate that, you just get fed up and stop trying. Some people these days feel too proud to put enough effort into their relationship, which is sad.

    Bernie, xx
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  4. Relationships take hard work. It is not something to take lightly. Both partners need to make a commitment to keep it up a going. I agree with all the points you highlighted here. Such a well-researched and informative post.

  5. I think guilt, in every relationship, comes from both. If we analyze the two sides, each exposes his reason. A lot but a lot of patience and forgiveness is what makes a successful relationship.
    You always keep us thinking! xx
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  6. All of this is so true! They fail because we assume that it won't work now and are too eager to leave. Relationships take hardwork and leaving takes less of your energy. It's the easiest choice!

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  7. Great post, communication is definitely the key! xx

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