Diamonds and Sapphires By Elizabeth Taylor:Review

Hey loves, I know I am not being as consistent as I should with my blogging, I am up and about these days which I am still yet to write about why, but in time the post will come.

Today i'm gonna be reviewing this perfume that I loooooovvvveeee so much, the first time i smelled this perfume I said I had to have it, my mom got it and I stole it from her, then I got a new one after that one was finished. As you can see from the pic its all gone!!!, totally slipped me to write the review before it was done.

I am not good at describing fragrances but i am gonna try. It has a floral scent to me with a hint of fruity smell, one spray floods the room with the scent. It lasts all day and trust me when i say it does, I will put this perfume on in the morning and in the night it still smells like i just sprayed it. as you go through the day to me the scent changes to a more warm spicy smell so I would say this is perfect for spring and summer time.

This is my fav perfume right now and I can't wait to get another one, when I wear this scent people are always asking what perfume do I have on and that they love the smell, thats how amazing it smells. If you can get your hand on one just to smell it do so, I promise you will want to purchase it. I even kept the bottle just to sniff it once in a while until I am able to get a new one and also to me its worth the price.

I will leave a link below of this perfume for you, I found one thats a total steal because its normally $50 and up but I found it at a cheaper price for you

Have you ever used this perfume? Did you love it?



  1. Great review....
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  2. Fruity and floral are so up my alley. It's a good fragrance.

  3. Floral scent is one of my favorites. I want to try it!

  4. sounds super interesting ! thanks :)

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  5. My mother-in-law gave me a set that included this one. I loved it. Great review babe!

  6. Amazing post dear! Love the photo!

  7. I don´t have a favorite parfum and ususally I never buy the same. Here´s a suggestion! xx

  8. have a great start of the week hun!
    Love, Paola.

  9. The packaging on this is stunning, so luxurious! x



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