Be Careful Who You Associate With

Hey Loves!! Happy new week!! I hope you all have a blessed and wonderful week. Sorry I have been slacking on my posts, I apologize, I have been very busy lately, all will be revealed in time.

In life people pretend they are for you when really and truly they are against you. They will fight you because they want the position you have or because you are better at something than they are. Now a days I realize there are few genuine people in this world that actually support and are genuinely happy for you and what you are accomplishing, while majority wishes for you to fail.

There is a God up above that sits high and looks low, and when he works things out for you and he decides that this is it, no one can stop you from prospering and reaching those goals, so no matter how much they try to put you down, God just keeps pushing you up each and everyday more and more. Sometimes they may wonder how is it your still climbing, it's all because of the grace of God and his mercies that are bringing you through.

Remember this guys people can pretend for years but just remember their true colours will be revealed at some point in time no matter how long it takes, you might wish you knew sooner but God does things in his time and when he does it it's well done. I was watching a story on facebook where the ladies friend was jealous of her and because of that jealousy she threw acid at her and burnt her face. Now she took her as a friend for years and look what she did to her out of jealousy and even though she did it she forgave her and i admire her for that, so guys this is just an example of how people in this world are and people you call your friends at times.

Be careful of the people you associate with and be on your guard because as I said people can pretend for years but their true colours will show at some point, while you have some really genuine and cool people. If you have true and dear friends appreciate them each and everyday and if you have had experiences where you had friends who in the end turn out not to be true friends still appreciate them because they thought you a valuable lesson. Still wish them well even though the feeling isn't mutual.

What I have learnt over the years is that people who are jealous and grudgeful they never prosper as how they should because their heart isn't clean and even if they prosper they are unhappy with their life. So guys be careful of the friends you keep and never be jealous of anyone's life because you don't know how they got to be where they are in life.

Stay positive, stay focused, keep dreaming and keep taking a step each day to reaching your goals



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  5. Girl thanks for another great post...
    It's true you might think that you have friends that want to see you prosper, in the mean time they envy your life.


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    Nice post and super interesting as usual. I'm totally agree with you!
    Focus is the key!

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  7. They threw acid on her face? That's petty! Good message though. Be careful who you let into your inner circle. Be as wise a serpent and as harmless as a dove.

  8. This post is well articulated, can't even add any other thing. Is just wise to be extra careful when dealing with "friends"

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  9. A good friend always wants what's best for you. A jealous friend is a selfish friend. Great post doll. Thanks for sharing that story with us.

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  11. What a great post! I loved reading this! Have a great weekend!

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  12. Such a great advice, thank you for sharing. I enjoyed reading it.

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