Dealing With Stubborn Boyfriends/Husbands

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We all know when can be soo stubborn at times, but at the same time so are we!!
They never want to listen sometimes because they think they know it all because they are men, they feel they must always have the last say or word.

You talk to them it goes through one ear and comes through the other and then in the end it's either they can't say that you know you were right so they hide it until you find out or they come being all soft and sentimental saying you know you were right i should have listened to you, if I had usto listened that wouldn't have happened but then they do it all over again.

If they would only listen sometimes some mistakes and losses they go through they wouldn't if they just had listened.

What i find works is the silent treatment if you keep talking and he doesn't listen just give him the silent treatment don't mention the situation again just leave it be, because if you keep talking and he isn't listening continually talking won't help either. When he finally makes his mistakes or realizes he was wrong he will come around  and as i said above it's either he says you were right I should have listened or he just can't admit that he was wrong or he should have listened.

Communicate with him properly also and be straight forward because beating around the bush will just make a situation worst so always be straight forward as much as possible and try to keep your voice as calm as possible because doing that will help you get through the conversation without turning it into a big fight.

Sometimes it's best when you apologize also even if your not wrong just apologize to keep the peace but also never leave a conversation unfinished, wait until another time and pitch the conversation in a different way and try to take it in a better direction than the first time, sometimes it's the way how we talk to them and the things we say, don't come across as too harsh,hard and demanding because those are things that makes them get upset and stubborn.

What are things you do to deal with your stubborn boyfriend or husband? Does your technique work?
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  1. Silent treatment works well for me, it's like a power. But sometimes in order not to create a fuss out of nothing communication is best and apologising even if you weren't at fault.

    Bernie, xx
    The Style Fanatic

    1. yes communication is one of the most important thing in a relationship

  2. Really interesting post dear :)
    It's always a pleasure to read you :)

    1. thanks lory, glad you always enjoy my posts

  3. Communication is always important!
    Interesting post, as usual!
    Kisses, Paola.

  4. Thanks a lot :D

    I'm totally agree with you :D The important in a relationship is the communication :D

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  5. great post dear!

  6. Replies
    1. You need to try your best to listen more
      same to you Marisa!!

  7. Great tips. I agree with the silent treatment, that’s often a clue to them that they may have blown it somewhere...their chemistry is so different from ours! Apology and communication are great keys to a successful relationship aw well.

  8. Really interesting post.
    Great tips. I agree with you.
    I'm enjoyed in reading.


  9. Most men don't want to listen. They want to fix the problem without listening to the details. Letting them know that you need your friend is the best way to start the conversation. Great post doll.

  10. perfect!

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  11. I guess I'm super blessed because I boyfriend is the patient and flexible one. I'm the one that's more stubborn!

    1. thats great,us women can be very stubborn i know i am

  12. Nice post dear!

  13. A someone whose being married for 10 years and with my husband for almost 15 years, I must say that communication is very important and have God centered in the relationship.

    Ann-Marie |



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