Amazing Benefits of Jackfruit

Jack fruit is a fruit I love to have, eating a lot at once can be a bit cloiding for me but i always sit and eat it anyway because its so delicious. Some don't like it because of the smell, sometimes its the things that don't sell the best taste the best and is good for you.

Both the flesh and the seed of the jack fruit is healthy for you, they are rich sources of nutrients which helps in maintaining healthy skin and even the cardiovascular system. The flesh of the jackfruit is very high in fiber and the texture and taste makes it great for making jams, cakes candies and a variety of desserts.

Unripe jack fruit can be used in savory dishes and is cooked in spicy curries and gravies. People also boil the seed of the jack fruit and have it as a snack in come countries.

Jack fruit has a very high amount of nutrients like minerals, vitamins, protein, fat,fiber, carohydrates, phytonutrients and electrolytes. Its also a good source of calories but it does not contain any saturated fats or cholesterol. The vitamin B6 content in jack fruit fulfills about 25% of our daily requirement.

Although water is not a nutrient, the jackfruit is made up of 80% water. It is rich in anti oxidants which will help in the prevention of cancer aging and degenerative disease. Due to the jackfruit being rich in antioxidants it is good fro the eyesight and helps to protect it from cataract and macular degeneration.

Jackfruit contains and excellent source of vitamin C.
It helps in increasing the immune system to protect it from common diseses like colds, flu and cough.

For those who are diabetics you can enjoy Jackfruit without worrying that it will spike your sugar level  because its not only easy to digest but it comes from a category called  slowly available glucose which releases glucose into our bodies in a restraint manner.

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  1. This fruit looks healthy but I haven't tried it. Is it a caribbean fruit?

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    1. Yes it is, i'm not sure if its only a caribbean fruit

  2. Wow...thanks for sharing this post. I will eat more jackfruit :)
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  4. Fruits are so helthy and delicious! Great post dear:)

  5. I don´t think is easy to find in the Portuguese markets, unfortunately ! x
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    1. Ok, if you do travel and your able to try it do so

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  8. It's my first time hearing about jackfruits. Thanks for sharing this info.

    1. Your welcome Nerline glad you learnt something new

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