Tree Hut Almond Honey Shea Sugar Scrub

Happy Friday Loves, Its almost Christmas!! Whose excited for the holidays!! Well for me it's not as jolly as it can be but I have life and i'm thankful for that.

I have always made my own homemade body scrubs, but I saw many youtubers rave about this body scrub, i first discovered this body scrub from the +glamtwinz334 check out their channel guys they are amazing beauty gurus. When I herd them rave about it, it made me wan to try it, but searching and searching i couldn't find it here in Jamaica, at least where I live so my bro took it for me when he was coming home.

I must tell you this body scrub exceeded my expectations, First thing was the scent when i opened it, wow!! The smell is not over powering so that's another thing i like about it. Anything that has almond, honey or shea butter sign me up. My skin is sensitive to certain products some products i use makes my skin extra dark which is weird to me but i felt better knowing i'm not the only one this happens to, so when i find a product that does make my skin look parched I stick to it.

I have been using this over 2 weeks now so i made sure i tested it for a little before doing this review so i can give you my honest opinion, After i used this to scrub  my skin, it made my skin feel so soft and smooth. Its not to course and its not too mild, its just right when it comes to the consistency.

You know some products you use only makes your skin feel soft for a couple of ours then it wears off, with this product my skin kept soft and smooth until i used the product again which is sometimes 2-3 days after. So yes I do recommend you try this body scrub especially because its winter in many countries, i live in the tropics so i don't really have winter, its amazing to use all year round and really makes your skin feel moisturized.

It contains certified organic shea butter which softens, smooths and strengthens the skin, it also contains, sweet almond oil, honey, safflower seed oil, evening primrose oil, avocado oil, orange oil and macadamia oil. It is paraben free and not tested on animals.

Have you ever tried this body scrub? Did you like it? Whats your fav body scrub to use?



  1. Anything with shea in it is wonderful, but I really love sugar scrubs!

  2. I have seen this brand before but I wanted to see and read some reviews first. But I thinking of buying since you said it actually made your skin soft.



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