L.A Girl Matte Flat Finish Pigment Gloss: Review

Hey guys Happy Friday!!! Its the weekend!!! How has your week been?

I saw lots of people talking about this matte gloss and I said I have to give it a try I first saw a review of this on Confessions Of A Makeup Shopaholic page and I got it!! I have used it for quite a bit before i did this review, so that i could give my honest opinion.

First of all I loveeeee!! the colour,I got the L.A. Girl Matte Pigment Gloss colour  rebel, which is also perfect for fall.
 If you keep up with me on instagram, you will notice i have been wearing it in my latest videos.
The pigmentation is amazing and drys quickly so you have to make sure you put it on quickly. It last basically all day when you eat it kinda smudges but not much you can re apply if you want to but its not a must. I do recommend that you moisturize your lips before applying this because it can be a little drying.

My bf loved the colour on me and when I said it cant come off so easily he said lets see and he decided he was gonna test it and he sat and took it all off lol, so ladies if your going on date night when wearing this put on more than one layer if you don't intend to re apply lol.

After a long day of wearing this matte gloss i find that its hard to remove which really shows that the pigmentation on this is amazing, i have to use wipes to remove it plus my cleanser. It leaves a little stain but its nothing that scrubbing your lips with a sugar scrub won't remove.

For such a pigmented matte gloss it is totally worth the price. I love this matte gloss guys and I highly recommend it guys, I do intend to try more shades too so you will see more reviews on this. If you try this tag me on instagram and let me know which shade you got and if you did a review you can also tag me.

Have your ever used this matte gloss before? Did you like it? Would you recommend it to someone?

Have a great day and weekend guys!!



  1. Oh thanks Kerona for the mention, I'm glad you decided to try it and I'm really happy you really enjoy it!

    It looks like a beautiful shade, I definitely have to get some more :)

    Have a great weekend dear <3

    1. your most welcome Katja!!! me too i am so happy with the product, yes it is looks even better on with do a shot of it when i do my makeup one day. me too

  2. Haha, your bf is cray. How fun. I love the color. I find liquid lippies very drying so moisturizing underneath them and even over them is a must. Great review.


  3. Lol seems like your bf is funny. Nice review dear, love pigmented colors like this and it's perfect for fall.
    Have a nice weekend babe.


    1. haha yea he is, in his own way, thanks bernie!! yea it is!!
      Same to you hun

  4. Great post, lovely color choice! xx

  5. I actually have a few shades of these LA girl matte glosses and actually use them everyday because they last really long I love them!
    Beauty Candy Loves

    1. yes they do i have proven it over and over i need to get more shades

  6. I'll need to try this out! I never see la girl in store so I definitely need to check online! Great review!

    Jasmine :)

  7. Heard some lovely things about these glosses! The pigmentation seems fab, thanks for sharing your review. <3 xoxo




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