The basic girls guide to fall

Hey guys Happy Friday it's the weekend. As you can see today's post is different, changing things up today a bit. What do you tjink. Today's post is from a blogging friend of mine jasmine her blog is ColorUBold check her out guys and show her some love guys. Now onto the post.

Autumn is in the air and its time to get basic! You all know those types of girls. The girls that go to Starbucks on the reg just to get pumpkin spice lattes and anything pumpkin food  related. The girls that start redecorating there rooms before the first day of September. On the first day of a chilly morning she breaks out the plaid blanket scarf, long oversized cardigan, and boots! Yeah we know those girls! I, on the other hand, am not one of those girls. I'm a Summer baby or life but I must say something about those fall nights makes you want to become a basic fall lover! So here's how you can get into the mood too and become just as in love for fall as these girls! 

Autumn outfit on deck!

 The face you make when its pumpkin spice season!

Spice up a sweater with boots and shearling vest!

 Slaying this cozy ootd!

hey doggy, it's the first day of fall *Dog: its 75 degrees out*

 When its still a bit warm outside, but you still want to wear fall clothes!

The Perfect fall look!

"Ummm I didn't realize it was gonna be this hot out...I'm not changing!"

Gorgeous for date nights also #fallfashion for instagram! "Take my pic hun"

#Autumn Drinks and Recipes

You can't go out of the house without having one of these warm drinks by your side or even a spiced up fall infused water(yep that's a thing)!  Become wifey goals just for the fall with these easy to bake deserts!

Ahh the time when orange and dark green nails are a go! Here are a couple of cute and easy(hello lazy girl here) nail arts that even a beginner can do!


Get creative! This one looks really easy to recreate!

Thanksgiving nails!!!

Starry Nights! 

Can't figure out what color to paint your ya go!

#Fall Decor
Let the Fall room makeover begin! Comfy throw blankets, pumpkin spice candles, and pumpkin and flower decorations are a must! Here are some fall decoration inspiration!

Decorate the coffee table!
Reminds me of Hocus Pocus! 

Anyone wanna snuggle by this fireplace?!

I have that owl candle!!! Bath and Body Works Here I Come!
Desk Goals!

Gorgeous reading nook by the fireplace!
Omg this fort is perfect! 

15 Fall Activities All Basic Girls Want to Try!
Well now that you have all of the basic girl essentials go out and have  blast this fall with a new updated fall bucket list!

  1. Take pictures of your starbucks drink and hashtag it #fall and #pumpkinspicelatte(even if it isn't hehe)!
  2. Plan squad Halloween costumes...uuuh obviously the Sanderson Sisteres from Hocus Pocu...I'll take the cute one!
  3. Go to a Homecoming football game also Wrap up and drink hot chocolate in a thermal at the very top of the bleachers! If anyone stares they can get over it hmph!
  4. Take pictures of you playing in the leaves because seriously its like swimming in fall!
  5. Have a bonfire on the beach or lake...roast marshmallows too! Don't forget that!
  6. Go to a pumpkin patch....oh and don't forget to take cute pictures too #pumpkinpatch!
  7. Go to a street fair!
  8. Get scared sh*tless at a really scary haunted house
  9. Bake pumpkin bread...hello wife goals!
  10. Go stargazing during a full moon. Bring a blanket and bug repellant...lesson learned!
  11. Plan a hike!
  12. Go to a scary movie on a date...relationship goals hunty!
  13. Carve pumpkins....uhh to messy I'll pass haha!
  14. Stay in bed and watch scary movies, bake cookies, cuddle(does a pillow count?) and drink hot drinks...I can do this!
  15. Take a tour of a haunted house...road trip!

Here's all the links to jasmine social networks check her out guys 
Jasmine S. Hunt
Publisher/Editor-In-Chief, Color U Bold

I do hope you enjoyed this post, have a great day 



  1. Nice post! Everything is so cozy during Fall, I am on Spring now but I'll definitely miss cold days :(
    Loved the nail decorations!
    Have a lovely weekend.

  2. I love the selection you had! So inspirational:)

    1. Thanks, glad you found it inspirational.
      Happy weekend to you too

  3. Great inspirations!

  4. such a great post!!
    kiss kiss

  5. Great pictures!!!Nice post...
    I follow you now on GFC, I wait back in to my blog.

  6. Great autumn inspiration post, Kerona. Thanks for this guide - informational!
    Cheers to a lovely weekend, beautiful. :)

    1. Thanks missy may glad you found it informational

  7. Love how different this post is from others.
    Great post.


  8. Great inspiration! I love summer but this year it was too much, I cannot wait to have cooler days here and I am so ready for fall! Yes to cozy nights watching tv and eating pizza, yes to hot chocolate and pumpkin spice latte!


    1. Thanks you yiota lad you liked it, I rather the time being cooler than hot although its always summer in my country try

  9. This is a lovely post. I love the boots and the nail art. also nice bucket-list :)
    Sauniya | Find Your Bliss ♡

  10. I enjoyed reading this post. I'm a summer baby too, but I love fall! Such beautiful pictures! Happy weekend doll!

  11. Love these photos :D Great inspiration :D

  12. Lovely post :)
    Kiss, Kati

  13. Great post! Love everything warm and cozy for fall! I love summer more though. Could be the island blood in me :)

    Face to Curls |



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