Tresemme heat protectant spray:Review/Tips

Tresemme Thermal Creations
Heat Tamer Leave In Spray

I have been using this heat protectant from Tresemme since around 2013 and I have been loving it, can you believe it's the same bottle that I bought from way back, I don't use heat on my hair a lot so I don't use it that often.

For me the smell is OK. Once I spray it on my hair or my extensions and let it sit a bit then flat iron my hair I'm all good to go. I have never used another heat protectant so I'm not sure what exactly I'm looking for in a heat protectant, but when I use this stuff my hair doesn't feel fried which is good and it doesn't smell like it's burnt either.

 Too much heat can damage your hair and give you split ends which will end up letting your hair break. To me damaged hair doesn't look that great so if you’re someone who uses heat a lot on your hair and your looking to try a new heat protectant you can try this one I love it, it works great for me.

If you find that your hair feels damaged or you have split ends, trim your ends and deep condition your hair or you could do a hot oil treatment to lock back in some moisture to your hair, if it's that you have  to flat iron your hair do it the most twice a week even once if you can. And to even give your hair a break from the heat you could do a protective style just to give your hair a break

It also contains moisture locking vitamin complex which transform hair textures for enhanced flexibility, which leaves hair shiny and smooth.
Its affordable can be found in drugstores.

I hope you found this post helpful guy.

Have you ever tried this heat protectant? Did you like it? What's your favorite heat protectant?
 If there is any that you recommend you can leave it in the comments below.

Have a great day loves!! Stay blessed 

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  1. Seems like a nice product, thanks for your wonderful review :)


  2. Nice review.Lately I start to think to use heat protection and I see on the market so many products.Even I am not sure what is all about.Usually I put oil,seem it is not enough.Kisses!

    1. Thank you, oil sometimes helps to burn the hair instead of protect it when using heat

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  5. this product is amazing!
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  6. Seems like a great product, well everything you review is wonderful.

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  7. I have it in my collection. I love it.



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