Sex isn't the most important thing in a relationship

Sex is not the most important factor in a relationship, some people may agree some may not; everyone has a right to their own opinion right? Some people think sex is the main factor in a relationship while some think otherwise.

The main factors in a relationship should be communication, love trust and honesty, sex and everything else will fall into place.

If you’re in a relationship because of how pretty or cute a guy or girl is that's not love. If you’re with someone only because of how their body looks that's not love that's just lust. If you’re with a person just for sex that's not love that's just basically friends with benefits that's not a relationship, that's basically just you having someone at your beck and call when you need or want them.

I mean if you’re only going to go in a relationship just to have sex then it doesn't make sense because in no time once you get tired of that person things are going to end, that person might be hurt or even feel used.  Be careful of how you hurt others in life because the wheels of life turn may take weeks, months even years but it does.

With a relationship comes sex and you have to be compatible with your partner also, because for some people if they are not compatible they always say that the relationship won't work.  Yes it is nice having fun with your partner and having your alone time and with all that comes trust and communication.

Don't force your partner into doing sexual things if they are not ready especially when the relationship is new, not everyone is ready to always take the big plunge as they get into a relationship. Know that everyone is different and everyone isn't the same.

Spend more time trying to find ways to loving each other more spoiling each other and pampering each other. Sex is just the icing on the cake. Don't let it be the main factor in your relationship because things won't get that far if that's the main thing everything will crash at some point in time.

What's the main factor in your relationship?

Do you think sex should be the most important in a relationship?



  1. Very lovely! I like this so much.

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  2. this is verz beautiflz written and I thin sex is important but we know when we are not the rightest person

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    1. Thank you!!! Sure ill check your blog out

  4. I couldn't agree more Kerona, wonderful post!

    Happy Monday! :)

  5. great post:)
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  6. Great post !
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    1. Thank you and thanks ks for following

  7. Completely agree. Is it bad that I could go months without having sex? Me and my partner are long distance and presume whenever he comes to see me we 'make up for the time' but sometimes I honestly don't want too I just prefer spending time with him.

    Lauren x |

    1. No that's not a bad thing at least not in my book. You will feel that way especially because you are long distance but to me if you guys were always together you would not feel that way

  8. ''Be careful of how you hurt others in life because the wheels of life turn it may take weeks, months even years but it does'' In love with that statement.
    My dear you've said it all, totally agree with everything you've said from beginning to the end. well done. Hope more people get to read this and thanks for sharing.


  9. Good post!

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  10. So right, Kerona. It is secondly really. Well said!

  11. I completely agree with you dear :)

  12. Thanks a lot darling :D

    True Story!! The most important on a relationship are true feelings, love and confidence!

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  13. Your partner must be your best friend :D Years always show us that the sex is not the must important!
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  14. Absolutely agree! Have a wonderful day!
    Christina ♥

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