Aveeno clear complexion daily moisturizer :review

This moisturizer is the best moisturizer I have used so far, to be honest at first when I just started using it about 2 year ago I didn't like it, I used half the bottle and then I just stopped using it. In the summer I decided to try it again because I wasn't a fan of the moisturizer I was using, so I went and found the aveeno moisturizer under my sink and started using it again and fell in love with it and I love it until now.

This moisturizer moisturizes my face really well. Its light weight, it has a mild scent to it which is fine for me.

Oil free
Non comedogenic

It helps to prevent breakouts, leaves skin clear and even looking, leaves your skin smooth and soft, improves skin texture and clarity.

It contains soy complex and salicylic acid which helps to naturally even out your skin tone.
Its gentle enough for persons who have sensitive skin.

It lasts me a long time because just a pea size is good enough to moisturize your whole face so guys if you’re looking for a moisturizer that's not too greasy and one that can be worn under your makeup this is a good one to try. It has helped to clear my skin so much.

What’s your favorite moisturizer?

Have you ever used this moisturizer? Did it work for you? Did you like it or was it just okay?



  1. Wonderful review! Thanks!

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  2. I haven't tried it but I would love to. I don't have a favorite one, I like trying new products but my skin doesn't give mayor problems so I'm pretty much ok with anything...
    Enjoy the weekend :)


    1. Yes you should when you do let me know what you think

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  4. Seems like a nice product :)

    I always change my moisturizers, but in the summer I use only face sprays to moisturize since I tend to have more oily skin.

    1. Yes it is, ok I have never tried face sprays before

  5. I love Aveeno, it doesn't break out my skin or dry it out. I love it, I'll never use anything else.

  6. Thanks dear :D Glad to know your opinion :D

    I really love Aveeno products and I had used this same body cream :D

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  7. I've never heard of Aveeno products before but really loved your review! I'm so happy it sounds okay for sensitive skin :D xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara | (lets follow each other on bloglovin or instagram)

  8. This is a good product - I have sensitive skin and
    I can trust this one. Thanks for sharing
    your thoughts!
    Best wishes, Mimi

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