5 Sites to get free stock photos

Sometimes you look at other people’s blogs and you say oh their photos are beautiful; I need to step up my photo game. I want to have better looking blog post pics that are more attractive and will let people gravitate more to my blog just by looking at my blog picture.

I discovered these 5 sites on Pinterest where you can get free stock photos some even offer you free photos monthly, not only do they give you photos but they are also bloggers like us and some also offer courses in helping you to grow your blog, so do check them out and also get yourself some gorgeous images to use on your blog

I always use pixabay for my stock photos which is an amazing site to use but sometimes you want something more girly and fancy so let’s get into the post.


Helene not only gives you free stock photos she is also a blogger who shares her life with her followers and provides courses that can help you to grow your blog, she shares tips and trick of what she learnt and the mistakes she made and how to grow your blog into becoming your business and becoming your own boss, She launched her new site blogbossbabe check that out also.


Here are two examples of her photos.

Once you get on her site you can just wait for the pop up and sign up to her email list to get gorgeous photos. Here you will get her free stock photos or click the name above. 
Download free stock photos
You can also find other interesting things on her site so check it out guys you won’t regret it.

On create her stock you can find nice girly stock photos, these pics are basically depicting being a girl boss, hope you find them helpful. Download free stock photos.

Wonderfelle photos are pretty amazing too once you sign up you will receive wonderful photos from them. Download 10 free stock photos.

Mel not only provides you with free stock photos she also gives you tips and tricks on how to make your blog look better and you can also get free wordpress themes for those who use word press.

I hope you found this post helpful guys check out their sites to get free stock photos to use in your blog posts. 

Did you like any of these stock photos?

What are your thoughts?

Have you ever come across any of these sites before?

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  5. Didn't even know about free stock photos, thank you so much for sharing Kerona! :)

  6. Checked them all out really like the second and third. Lovely post as always. Thanks for sharing.


    1. Thanks for checking them out glad you liked some of them, welcome

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