Why is communication important in a relationship

Communication is one of the most important things in a relationship without it, nothing will go how you want it to. Without communication there will be countless arguments and disagreements. You will always be disagreeing with each other and saying whose right from who’s wrong. And that's where compromise comes in also. Everyone's opinion will not be the same so not because a person’s opinion differs from yours means they are wrong; they just look at things in a different light and context than you.  So today if you know in yourself that you are not the best at communicating with your partner, start trying to do better.

 Communication is the lifeline of any relationship, when you stop communicating with each other, that's when you will start losing the value of your relationship, next comes the trust then the disrespect and after its way out of control. So if you see that your relationship is headed in that direction nip it in the bud before it’s too late. Because too often i see great relationships go down the drain because of lack of communication and everything that falls behind it ruins the relationship. It’s not that you are not meant for each other, sometime each person is just too stubborn and into their self that either partner don't want to admit that they are wrong and lets ego get in the way.

Communication is the key to a lot of things in life it doesn't have to be a relationship, you need communication whether it’s at work, at school or even with friends. Sometimes what we say is not what we mean and because of lack of communication the person might take it personal or offensive.

Sometimes we say things and what we mean it’s not how its interpreted by the other person, so always try to talk to each other in a way that that person may understand you or if you said it incorrectly in the first place try to correct yourself.

Also sometimes we do little things behind our partners back whether it be doing a purchase that should have been done together or consulting each other before doing it but because you know that person may disagree you go ahead and do it anyway and when you do these things they help you start disagreements and arguments so in everything you do you need communication. Remember that always and do your best in communicating better with each other, if you’re not good at communicating start learning how to teach each other if you have to and help each other to grow.

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  1. This is so true. Sometimes it takes awhile to establish a good pattern of communications, but it really is necessary to have a stable and healthy relationship!

  2. Very interesting, thanks for the sharing)

  3. Love your share, and it is really true

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  4. Communication is definitely important in any relationship - friendships too!


  5. Thank you darling :D

    I totally agree with your reflection! It's super important!

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  6. Communication is definitely a key in any relationship!

    Great post as always dear :) Hope you're having a lovely day <3

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