7 Signs He's Started To Fall In Love With You

We fall in love by chance we stay in love by choice. Don't only fall in love with her because of how she looks,f all in love with her because of her personality and her heart and how warm she is, fall in love with her because of how she cares for people and how she treats them.

#1 He just can't get enough of you

At first when  you just started dating you were both nervous, even when he held your hand you could feel it, but as time goes by he just does it naturally,even kicking it up a notch or two and grabs you by the waist and pulls you closer. Always wants to be around you or just always wants to be close whether it be on the phone or video chatting.

#2 He starts making your priorities, his also

He is supportive of whatever it is your doing whether its a presentation at work or school, and helps you in preparing for it, makes sure you are all set and ready and be there to support you when he can or makes time to ensure hes there to support you. He celebrates your success whether it is big or small, or even if it wasn't the success you wanted he still cheers you on.

#3 Always makes time for you, no matter the inconvenience 

He always tries to make time for you no matter how busy he is, so whether its working around his schedule or rearranging it, he makes sure you are on his agenda.

#4 Lets you know hes missing you

He finds little ways in showing you that he misses you whether it be a sweet short text, sending you flowers or even just popping by and surprising you. If you always have to be wondering if he does, then his mind or attention is elsewhere.

#5 Your opinion and what you have to say counts

What you say means a lot to him whether it be advice, a word of encouragement or criticism, he listens and shows his interest and tries to learn more, you can tell if he he's listening when you hear he starts throwing out questions of his own. What you think has an effect on him and always wanting to know what you think whether it be about a decision or simple matters. 

#6 He observes and notices the little things

He cherishes little moments so whether it is your shy and you have a certain reaction to different things or you like to as most say babble, he picks little moments from it and cherishes it and talks about it, he observes in a way that he knows things you like or dislike, whether it be your fav, drink, tea, how you take your coffee, your fav colour, what makes you sad or feel down, what your passionate about, just little details like that he notices. 

#7 He appreciates you/ adores you

He loves you for who you are, and appreciates you for who you are and not what he wants you to be. He doesn't go around telling you to change who you are to his liking but instead appreciates you with your flaws. He can't take his eyes off you whether you are all dressed up or just roaming about the house in your pj's and messy hair and doesn't tell you to change it but instead appreciates you and knows that there will be days when you just feel to lounge around and be free. He does not judge you but instead lets you know you mean the world to him and that your are beautiful in his eyes no matter what. He's not afraid of letting everybody know that he is falling in love with you, not afraid to show you to his friends and boast about you.

What are your thoughts? 



  1. This is a really great post! I wish it were as easy as it sounds. Unfortunately, some guys know what women want and do just that to get their way. It's sad but true!

    Have a lovely day!


    1. I totally agree with you, it's a great post but like you said guys some guys know want...


    2. Thank you, that's so true, very sad

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    Ohn, true story dear. I'm totally agree!

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  6. Love this post :D
    It's absolutely true! :D


  7. That's so sweet and romantic :) One of the most beautiful things in the world :) Lovely post, Kerona :)


  8. These tips are so true. Thanks for sharing.

  9. this is very interesting post like it

  10. Such great post! I'm in a relationship for 4 years already so i really can say that all of these are true :) (atleast my boyfriend is doing all of these)


  11. Very nice post! Your topics are so interesting. Glad I stumbled upon your blog!




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