You shattered her Heart!!

She cared for you, she loved you, she did everything she could to make you happy and you ripped her heart out!! You shattered her into a million pieces but yet still she still loved you and forgave you and yet still you don't care.  Why do you have to be like that, why don't you accept the love that comes your way, wake up and smell the roses she actually care she actually loves you. Are you that scared to accept the love,? Are you that scared!? That you break and shatter her heart instead?

She doesn't care about riches, she doesn't care if you rich or your poor. All she wants is to build a life with you to grow with you. She doesn't care if you go out or not a movie night at home is just good enough for her, expensive gifts don't matter to her, it’s the little things and the thought that counts.
She shows you compassion she shows you that she cares, she listens, she encourages you and through all that you still break her heart.

She boasts about you, she doesn't judge you, she accepts you, she’s proud of you, she makes you a priority in her life, but yet still you didn't care and shattered her heart. She makes sure you’re ok always even when she can’t be there because she loves you and wants the best for you but it's like you just don't realize it.

Wake up and open those pretty brown eyes because that's the reality she loves you and you know it, you need to accept that, you say stuff to her and pretend you don't care but deep down you do.
You break her heart because it’s like you can't accept the reality that you found someone like her and she is just simple, down to earth, accepting, kind and caring and everything beyond what you expected.

It's like she’s perfect but at the same time she’s not because everyone has their flaws, she accepts yours but and doesn't mind it but you always seem to hold hers against her, why?? You can't grow with someone if you don't help them with their flaws. Because no one is perfect.

People who come around her loves her because of how kind and caring she is and you know it, you see it, but still you went ahead and broke her heart.

She’s not looking for a fairy tale she’s just looking for that imperfectly perfect person in you and she shows you that but still you hurt her.

When you love someone you should accept them for who they are because you would want to be accepted too, this goes for both male and female. Don't go around breaking each other’s hearts because in the end it not only hurts that person but it hurts you too and never go around playing the blame game or make it look like its not your fault because in the end the truth always comes out.

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Written by: K.L 



  1. this sentences is true .....
    great post ...lovely

  2. Ohh this is so sad... But great post dear!

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  3. Good Post! From Allure Evolution

  4. Good Post! From Allure Evolution

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